Monday, March 21, 2016

Last week #1

Last week I....

Browsed magazines at Mulberry Iconic Magazines in Nolita

Enjoyed the NYC skyline on a Chelsea rooftop

Had drinks and danced at The Blond on Howard Street

.. and binge watched the Netflix show LOVE in bed while eating guacamole with a side of chips.


Friday, March 18, 2016


Some of my favorite memories from NYC must have been when I was around 21 and dating this hipster skater boy who would bring me to skate parks, Brooklyn basement parties and buy me PBAs. We would smoke American Spirits and drink organic coffee out of Mason jars. He lived in Greenpoint, which I back then had no clue where was, but after been living in NYC for a couple of years started to really enjoy. Here are a few of my favorite spots in this cozy Brooklyn neighborhood:

Peter Pan Doughnut
727 Manhattan Ave

Okay, this must be donut heaven! There are soooo many different options and I want to eat them all. Thank god they are also super cheap and so is the coffee, bagels, and other pastries. It is the perfect place to cure a hangover or get some supplies for your walk in McCarren park or trip on the East River Ferry.

Paulie Gee's
70 Greenpoint Ave

If you decide to stand the pretty long wait for a table you will not get disappointed. This place has an amazing rustic atmosphere and the best pizza I have ever tried. No more explanation needed - just do yourself a favor and try it. 

Beacon's Closet
74 Guernsey St

It can be tough to find good second-hand stores in NYC. It's either the super expensive ones in SOHO/Nolita or the extremely hipstery ones in Bushwick. Beacon's Closet is the BOMB! If you give it a little time you can find everything from an old vintage Levi's jacket to a pair of never used Rag & Bone boots. I have bought Alexander Wang skirts for $15 and an incredible Oscar de la Renta dress for $40!!! No joke!! I go here almost every Sunday to dig for new treasures and i never leave empty handed. 

Other cool Greenpoint spots: Five Leaves, Baker's Dozen, Riviera Cafe, WNYC Transmitter Park, The Black Rabbit and so many more! 

Friday, March 4, 2016



What I love most about NYC, other than the 24-hour deli's/diners/bagel shops/bars is how much diversity the city has and how a short subway ride can bring you from one extreme to another.
One of my favorite areas and where I have spent a lot of time is Nolita and here are some reasons why:

Elizabeth Street Garden
Elizabeth Street, between Prince & Spring streets

This is hands down my favorite green spot in NYC. It feels like a little sanctuary with beautiful sunflowers, amazing statues, and just the best atmosphere. I love sitting on one of the big stone benches drinking my ice coffee or reading a newspaper in the sun in between the flowers.

14 Spring Street

Nothing says summer to me as much as sitting outside Rintintin on a warm Tuesday night sharing a bottle of ice cold rose and smoking Malborough lights. The food here is great, very unpretentious and well priced and the crowd is the perfect mix of hipsters, couples, bankers and socialites. 

The Butcher's Daughter
19 Kenmare

The Butcher's Daughter is always packed from 11-3 which is understandable. Spend an hour lunch break in the sun, drinking a juice and people watch is really the best cure for you Friday hangover. Trust me - I'm talking from experience. The food is on the healthier side and very "green" so if your hangover only can be cured with bacon and cheese this is not your spot. Save it for your next holy Monday when you decide to start a new life. 

Other great Nolita spots: Ruby's, Happy Bones, Little Cupcake Bakeshop, Tacombi & Egg Shop.

xx S