Monday, February 29, 2016

Books to read on the subway #1

It's Monday, again, which for most of us means time to get on the subway and go to work. I do enjoy mixing up my subway routine a little so I switch between listening to music (usually one song that I put on repeat), desperately try to load my Instagram or Snapchat feed or my favorite reading a book. Especially, after a 9 hour day at work which mostly consist of looking into my computer screen with a 30-minute break lunch break which mostly consists of looking into my iPhone, there is just something refreshing about reading and it makes you wish that your 16 minute commute in the F train was just a couple of minutes longer so you could finish a few more pages.

Here are some of my most recent subway reads:

1. Patti Smith - Just Kids

Let me just say this is the perfect book to read on the subway! First of all, it has the perfect handy size to fit in your bag. More importantly, it is a great memoir about an amazing woman living in our wonderful city New York. Read. it. now!

2. Mary Traina - The 20 Something Guide to Getting It Together

If there is a place in the world that can make you feel small, naive and very confused it is New York City! Fear no more, this book is really helpful! It is your guide to making it as a real-life grown up. Even if you are thinking right now that you don't need self-help books or cheesy quotes to make it, this book is so much more and it really does give you great tools to accomplish goals and maybe even finding out what those goals are.

If your subway ride is 3 stops or less I will suggest that you have some articles ready on either your phone or printed out before leaving work. It is such a good way to kill time!


Friday, February 26, 2016